5 blogging tips for structuring a post for SEO

I have been blogging actively since 2007 and have learned a lot about SEO along the way. In fact, my blogging evolved into a career of doing SEO for a living. From sports blogging for Mile High Report to blogging for my current employer at I-Tul Design & Software, there are basic strategies for organizing a blog post that go a long way to building long term residual traffic from it. You will notice these blogging tips are all met within this post as well.

Many SEO professionals say you should focus on a specific keyword and write posts around it, but I’ve always hated that line of thinking. It is much better to pick a topic to write about and just write it. If you blog regularly, you will end up targeting more than enough keywords over time and Google will send you residual traffic for years to come. My blogging tips today will be focused more around writing in a way that maximizes the blog post for your readers, while optimizing it for Google’s algorithm as well. The first is far more important to your blog’s health and success than the second, but without the second it is difficult to capture new readership. Read more