How important are backlinks to your Google rankings?

I am a huge fan of MozBlog and, in particular, their whiteboard Friday’s. To me, they are the SEO Mecca for anyone in the industry. Google also pays close attention to what they say and recommend because they are such a leader within the SEO industry. Because of that, they sometimes gloss over reality in order to avoid angering Google, but overall they offer excellent advice on how Google’s algorithm works and also where they think Google could be trending with their future algorithmic updates.

When I sat down for this post, I went looking for an old whiteboard Friday post from earlier this year that talked about the value of links within Google’s algorithm. It’s a hot button topic within the industry between borderline black hatters from forums like WarriorForum and white hat purist from Moz. I’ve frequented both areas to keep me well informed between how things should work and the way things actually work. The white hat tactics definitely work, but only if you have thousands of dollars each month to dedicate full-time staff towards “doing it right” and the real world of much smaller budgets along with the pressure to get those rankings at any costs. There is little in between, unfortunately and I’ve had to do SEO both ways in order to meet certain demands. Obviously, I prefer the right way to the cheap way, but the real world doesn’t always care about the right way… Read more