DEAC Forklift, Inc. was my first paid venture into website construction for a client. The business type made it a fairly straightforward task and the project went really well overall.

At the time, I had found a really neat WordPress theme with a drag and drop layout interface that was pretty cool at the time. I used that to setup the layout for each page, then just started populating it with content and data.

The client had a little tweaks in content here and there, but overall was excited about the website from day one. I then helped them set up a few social media accounts and helped advise them on how to effectively manage those accounts and their website. It looks like Facebook was the only one they really took too, but they are happy and I am happy. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Looking at the website today, I wish I could go back and update it with the latest code technology. But I think it works just fine compared to the Yellowbook monstrosity they were sold before this site was launched.