Rank My Keyword is an ongoing development project to help automate some of the menial backlinking tasks, such as low quality content creation, contextual link building and keyword diversification. It’s not white hat, but some SEO companies demand “cheaper” SEO tactics. Being the practical person I am, I decided to help fill that demand.

The original idea came to me in 2011, but it took a couple of years before this SaaS app began to take shape. The biggest challenge was easily managing freelance designers and developers who struggled to conceptualize what was needed. Over time, however, it finally came together.

RMK isn’t really public yet as the final phase of development is still in process. With Google continually changing their algorithm, it was necessary to build in simple ways for me to adapt the app to the changing winds of updates for this particular transient market. The app brings in enough revenue to pay for costs and to continue building reserves for that final development push later this year.

Overall, this has been an exciting, if not challenging, experience. It has definitely given me confidence in pursuing future SaaS app development and has also given me unique problem solving skills that many may not possess.