Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch

Versatile • Inquisitive • Entrepreneurial

What Am I All About?

I love technology and am connected 24/7 to a variety of outlets that interest me. From the latest SEO happenings to Denver Broncos football, I’ve got my feeds and data flowing all day, every day. Who needs to waste time in front a television anymore?

My foray into blogging in 2007 exposed me for the first time to SEO and it was something that made sense to me from the start. That initial exposure evolved into full-time employment and many freelance opportunities over the years.

I’ve taken plenty of college courses, but they have almost been entirely driven to help me gain knowledge in a specific subject I needed improvement on. The rest has come from figuring things out on my own or real world experience.

If you want someone with a diverse skillset and drive to succeed, then I’m your man.

What Have I Done?

What Can I Do?

Social Media
Typing/Data Entry
Project Management
Customer Service

My Blog


How to deal with broken partnerships

Over the last 18 months, I have been attempting to break through with a second SaaS Application to follow up RankMyKeyword.com. The idea I had was to bootstrap it by teaming up with a fellow web designer and web developer to create a robust team each containing a person specialized in a critical aspect of […]